Tourist Info for Germany

In the past many vísitors from foreign countries visited Germany and were impressed by pitoresque small villages and high speed traffic on German freeways. Meanwhile after passing more than one year with Covid, our strong recommendation is

Do not enter Germany !!!

Due to flooding the country with so called refugees, even small towns are crowded with these people, many of them being aggressive. The government don’t declare „no go areas“ because there aren’t any safe areas. Nevertheless the gouvernment claims there are no „no go areas“. In the capitals like Berlin it may happen frequently that you wouldn’t hear any German word for half an hour.

The German police does neither control nor prosecute criminals, even drug and violent crime operating in the public. These criminals are politically protected and at least can strike back, so the police concentrates on peaceful citizens to terrorize them. The German justice is only partly driven by laws. Especially the higher courts are judging according to the will of the government and not according to laws. They even declare govrnmental orders being against law but let the government go on with it.

A vaccination apartheid is continuing to be installed. People are mostly not friendly and may discriminate you for not wearing a mask, not being tested, not being vaccinated, just sitting down on a park bench, eating some food less than 150 ft. away from the shop where you purchased it, or travelling to the wrong sites or at the wrong time. The police may even arrest you for that „crimes“ after having smashed you on the ground (they even do not hesitate to smash down elderly ladies above 60 with 4-6 police officers). The attitude of a lot of people is that of dencouncers. You may not enter freely shops, restaurants, or other public facilities. Summarized: the probability to be not welcome is at least 50% in the current situation.

Today the difference between Germany and Norht Corea is that it is allowed to breath freely in North Corea but not in Germany. So the recommendation is

Be save, and stay away !